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The Magic Expandable Water Hose

Whether you are an avid gardener, or you are just trying to keep your lawn from frying in the summer sun, this double latex hose will give you the reach and flexibility you need without the hassle of kinks and leaks.

7-Pattern Rotating Hose Nozzle.

The Magic Expandable Hose has the perfect nozzle setting for every task.


Select mist to hydrate delicate plants.


Use shower to revive patches of burned lawn.

muddy car

Choose the jet setting to blast mud and grit off of your car, driveway, or patio.

Magic FLEX Technology.

The Magic Expandable Hose is anti-kink, anti-leak, and anti-frustration.


The ¾ brass connectors and double latex material can stand up to 12 bars of water pressure. That is roughly the working water pressure of a fire hose.


The hose's special FLEX technology makes it easy to store and impossible to kink. The hose rotates, stretches and adapts for easy use.

4 Length Options and 3x Easier Storage

Whether you have a single flowerbed or a sprawling garden, the Magic Hose has the length you need. The hose also shrinks to 1/3 it’s original length for easy storage and clean up.

25 Foot Hose Stores at 8.3 Feet


50 Foot Hose Stores at 16.6 Feet


100 Foot Hose Stores at 33.3 Feet


175 Foot Hose Stores at 58.3 Feet


Our Customers Love The Magic Expandable Hose.

"We have a large yard and previously used large rubber hoses. But now I can effortlessly water plants and trees. So happy with this purchase."

James Halgood, TX.

"I had the water pressure on full blast while the valve is closed for upwards of an hour without leaks or anything. Couldn't recommend more."

Alice Mayweather, IL.

"Shrinks down to half its normal size when you go to hang it up! It is lightweight and super easy to handle."

Mary Torrence, GA.


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